ANN ARBOR, MI, UNITED STATES, April 3, 2017 - It is with great sadness that David Daniels must withdraw from his performance with the Virginia Symphony for the premiere of Kenneth Fuchs’ Poems of Life. This has been a project of love with his brother, Michael Daniels, who is the principal cellist of the Virginia Symphony. David was looking forward to this family collaboration, and this would have been a very special opportunity for the two to perform together.

 Unfortunately, David’s doctor has prescribed vocal rest, prohibiting his attendance. This has been communicated to the Virginia Symphony. They identified Aryeh Nussbaum Cohen­­, an exciting young singer capable of singing this cycle. David is grateful for his willingness to come in at such short notice, and is sure of his success.

David is scheduled to record in London and still looks forward, very much, to recording Poems of Life.  

David Daniels was asked to take down this press release because of the last sentence. When this press release was written he was unaware that the composer withdrew him from the recording. In lieu of removing the statement, here is David's statement from his Facebook page on the matter, in it's entirety:

I would like to make a correction to my press release posted last evening. To my surprise, I have been replaced on the recording of POEMS OF LIFE for Naxos. This was to be recorded during this summer in London. I can safely say, without hesitation, I have much pride in how I have run my life and career over the past 25 years. Honesty, integrity, loyalty, collegiality have been my priorities and I feel my colleagues would agree. For me to learn of my replacement via a Facebook post is unconscionable. I look forward to the Metropolitan Opera Gala May 7th and my complete recording of Gluck Orfeo ed Euridice with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Chorus. #SusannaPhillips #JanaiBrugger #RobertSpano

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Please contact David's American Management for additional inquiry.